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GATEWAY TO VIETNAM, proudly hosted by SSI, is an tailor-made conference to promote investments into Vietnam. Organized in three years (2009, 2010 and 2014), the conference has become one of the most expected events for investors and corporates; where they have the chance to network, establish & enhance their connections as stepping stones to better investment & business opportunities.

The 2014 edition of the conference attracted more than 500 investors and 30+ enterprises joining together to exchange ideas and knowledge about Vietnam’s key investment issues.

This year's conference, themed “Capital Market – A New Driver for Vietnam's Economic Growth", will capture the highlights of the capital market: upgrading Vietnam's stock market and boosting opportunities to call for investment. With the participation of reputable guest speakers and high-profile companies, GATEWAY TO VIETNAM 2019 is expected to provide investors with insightful discussions and valuable understanding about Vietnam's current economy.

Day 1 aims to provide institutional investors with more in-depth insights into key industries and corporations through presentations and discussions on crucial factors of our economy. Remarkable topics which will be covered include: growth drivers from the capital market, how to upgrade the stock market and seek investors, and technology.

Day 2 focuses in bringing institutional investors and corporates closer through direct private meetings, which helps promote future investment opportunities.

Last but not least, Day 3 equips investors with better understanding & a closer look at the operations of potential enterprises through well-organized site visits & sector-specific tours.