What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

In order to increase your conversion, the process of optimizing your website, landing page, and search ads is called Conversion rate optimization, or CRO. The main purpose of this is to generate more qualified leads to you website, create the true demand and lead to action, usually in the form of purchase.

Depend on the purposes of the planer, conversion rate measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign in order to get what you plan your customer to do.


What Are the Elements of Successful CRO?

See below for the most important elements for successful CRO

Website design

Website is the official introduction of your brand to anyone.

It must capture your trueself, how you business is, what you can offer, what your unique selling point is.

There are three things to make your website more effective:
  • Attractive Look
  • Friendly to use
  • Easy to follow on the customer journey
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Landing pages

Similar to the website, the easier and more convenience on the user friendless in adition with calls to action define the success of you landing page.

Content optimization

Clear – informative – Call to action are three important aspects for content optimization. Remember, every word must have its purpose is to provide value and drive sales.

Social Media

Non-stop conversion rate optimization is the key to success on social media. With constant targeting, audience-buiding, and A/B testing, TwoK will deliver the most optimal conversion rate to your project.

Google Ads

Google Adwords is also one of the most important element which can improve significantly your leads’ qualification.


Why TwoK is your Solution for Your Conversion Rate Optimization?

Reliable data, industry experts, and a proven process are the cornerstones of any successful conversion optimization project. In a crowded marketplace filled with hype, TwoK is confident to stands out from our competitors through:

1. Custom strategies tailored to your needs

We believe each business is unique based on the target, goals, and visions. We face different challenges. Therefore, it’s not a great idea to create only one for solution for all. We will take time and effort to understand you business and create the most ultimate solution for your needs.

2. Detailed analysis by industry experts

With years of expertise, our CRO experts examine your strategy and results from every angle and offer pragmatic, cost-efficient solutions to your greatest challenges.

3. A full range of marketing services

We don’t just diagnose your conversion problems, we help solve them. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we take a 360-view of your digital footprint to pinpoint conversion rate issues at every level and correct them.