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Social media channels have been more crucial and become a huge information seeking resource for everyone in the internet of things world. Have you fully understanded the power of social media and how to apply them into your business?

According to statistics, the number of social media users is over 4.48 billion worldwide stated in 2021, average user accessing 6.6 media platforms on monthly basis. They spend an average of more than two hours using social media including information & messaging apps. Social media usage continually growth significantly and they become a part of daily life. Take all advantage of social media to reach out to your target demographic and brand’s awareness.


Why Social Marketing?

Better Online Exposure

With insightful and interested content, you can drive more engagement that allows you interact in greater online community. These will help you increase your brand’s awareness and interest to your company.

Complete Budget Control

We provide a tailor-made marketing package upon your expectation & financial capacity. This means you can completely control your budget and amend on your need.

Customer Reach Improvement

54% of online users prefer social media platforms for product research and they likely look for a product via recommendations from social media influencers. You can position your company to your targeted customers by effective social marketing strategy.

Multiple Marketing Choices

Besides information applications including Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Linked-in, social marketing channels also include messenger apps such as Whatsapp, Zalo, WeChat. We will build up a full marketing package that fix to your targets by determining suitable applications.

Special Audience Targeting

Social marketing allows you to define your targets by ages, genders, location and online behaviour. Our team will determine, analyze your metrics and provide relevant content to increase your visibility.

Conversion Driven

By creating a complete brand’s story and engage your targeted customers for a specific timeline, social marketing builds trust on your products & brand and help robust conversion rate.

Why Choose Us?

We – TWOK are full-service social marketing agency that plan, execute, analyze campaigns for various industries. Our team of experts will help you increase your brand’s visibility, engage your targeted customers and generate new business leads across full spectrum of social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest, Youtube, Whatsapp, Messengers, etc.

At TWOK, we offer custom social marketing strategy based on your culture and images. Our mission is providing the most possible way to introduce your brand and your messages to your customers.



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